Monday, 17 January 2011

Dinosaur World

I love simple activities, they take less prior planning and have the potential to be lots more fun! A great acitivity escepecially for under twos is this one. We did this on Sunday and little man enjoyed spending half an hour playing with his dinosaurs.

Its been a while since little man and I got have done any sort of malleable play and as a result he was more hesitant to play with it on this occasion.  When introducing little ones to different materials it is best to start off with it simple with out any toys involved, then as they get more comfortable you can add your choice of toys to the tray (or fruit bowl).

He enjoys stroking his fingers through the muesli and patting it, he loved watching the powder puffing out and once Little man had spent a while getting used to the muesli we added some dinosaurs. He bounced them up and down in the mix in between stopping to eat some of the raisins then carried on hitting them against each other and using their tails to move the muesli around.

All these materials can be found around the home or can be cheaply purchased. Monkeying Arounds first ebook contains lots of sensory ideas for tray activities to occupy under two's take a look! 

What have you been up to this week?


  1. Oh, my little girl loves to play with muesli too.. unfortunately with or without dinosaurs "sigh"!

    Thanks for linking up ;-)


  2. I just found your blog from another at the ABC/123 link up. You have some really great ideas for kids creative play. Thanks for hosting this link up.


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