Sunday, 6 March 2011

Guest Post- Baby Budgeting Activities For Spring

Becky Goddard-Hill is the writter of a wonderful blog showing parents the way to budgeting and tips for being able to staying at home with a young family. The blog especially focuses on making and saving money, crafts and parenting tips.

Thanks so much to Adele for letting me guest post at Monkeying Around. I’m normally to be found talking about fun and thrifty family life over at my Baby Budgeting blog so a change of scene is fab.
I’ve just released a new ebook ‘50 ideas for a sensational on a budget with under 5’s’ full of simple crafts, book reviews, songs poems and festival ideas. I wanted to share a craft with your from it. I know Adele loves sensory crafts so I thought this one would appeal, The little ones get to handle springy cotton wall and sticky glue….sensory heaven!
Nature’s babies are just pure delight whether ducklings, calves, foals or bunnies but I think lambs are the best. Just like fluffy clouds. If you get a chance to go and see some lambs your child will adore this either in a field or a farm. I’m sure you can find some.
Making their own little lambs is also a delight. All you need to do is:
1. Draw a cloud
2. Have your child glue cotton wool all over it
3. Draw some little legs and a face

Easy but so cute! If you paste a few of these onto green card they make a lovely scene.
click to buy and download now for £1.50

We were lucky enough to be offered a copy of Becky's book to review and I loved the book. Its pages are bright and easy to read with activities suitable for children of all ages. My eldest spotted lots of activities she wants to try this weekend and there are many ideas which she will be able to do without mummy's help. I love the variety of activities it offers and many of which I would never of thought of so thank you Becky for keeping my little ones busy this Spring!!


  1. So sweet! We made something similar at the weekend!

  2. I know isnt sweet! Its funny how you forget some of the simpliest activity ideas.
    Adele x

  3. We did this again today and made rain clouds cute

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