Monday, 11 February 2013

New Mummy Wish List

Its been a couple of months now since Peanut came into the world and it's safe to say my figure is not looking great. After a good rummaging through my clothing I have discovered that I'm in good need of a shopping trip. I'm currently in that horrible in between stage two where my maternity clothes are too big and my pre baby clothes are too small. With my 30th just around the corner it's safe to say that I'm not feeling all that great about my self so I've been thinking about treating myself for my birthday. This is some of the ideas on my wish list. 

Some snuggle jumpers (its all about comfort to me)

Some day dresses (for when I'm having a more confident day)

Jeans ( because I'm currently walking around on holey leggings!)

These are just some of the bits I found on the New look website. There was so much on there I would love to have for Spring I was even debating an all in one



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